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Researching, writing, and publishing are part of who I am. I established my research and publication record long before I came to America. However, there was a five-year (1990-94) hiatus in my research, during which I published only one article devoted to teaching a course on Russia. In 1990, I became Radford University faculty and it took me these five years to adjust to a different education system and to teaching in English. But once I realized that I was reasonably well prepared for my classes I began to apply for research grants.

By now I have my fair share of successes and failures in research grant applications. I have won “no more than” or “as much as” half of awards for which I applied. Overall, the process is immensely competitive, but it’s worth the effort. It's my belief that funded research disciplines you; you must accomplish tasks that you yourself set, and you have to publish. I value the opportunities I have been given to express myself through research and writing.

Grants I have been awarded include:

  • 2007 ($1,500)
    Radford University Grant for Scholarly and Creative Activity
  • 2005 ($9,223)
    Radford University’s Seed Grant: “Examining Belarusian Identity"
  • 2002 ($3,000)
    IREX Short-term travel grant: “A Puzzling Case: Belarusian Identity"
  • 1999-2001 ($39,600)
    NCEEER: “Vertical Integration in the Russian Food Producing System: A Geographical Perspective"
  • 1997-1998 ($36,000)
    NCEEER: “Making a Middle Landscape: Margins of Russian Cities”
  • 1995-1996 ($62,000)
    NCEEER: “Rural Restructuring in Central Russia.”